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Walking up to King Neptune in Virginia Beach
Walking up to the King Neptune Statue at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Welcome to Arnel’s blog! One of the hardest things to do is come up with something you have to create and then share. WordPress is an excellent way to 1)create a website, 2)share your ideas, 3)show people how to do something. And we could go on and on. However, in the process of sharing these things, I thought I would also pass along a little knowledge of how to use WordPress.

Post Something Yummy

Let’s show you how to create an interesting post and learn to cook something

This post is being created while we’re all weathering the COVID-19 pandemic. I do have enough toilet paper, though I’m still trying to wrap my head around that whole “you need toilet paper to survive” idea. Up there on the pyramid of needs, is food. So, I thought we do need to eat to live. Let’s create a tutorial on how to make an easy dish. So, I will be creating a video and a post that shows you how to cook a traditional Filipino dish. We’re basically going to show you how to add a post with a video and spice it up a little. And to be daring, we’re not going to use any plug-ins. Just what WordPress gives you natively.